Board of Directors

Meet Our Dynamic & Diverse Board of Directors

Proud To Be Led By A Diverse Group of  Men, Women, & Youth

We are humbled and proud to be the largest Muslim social Services and Civic Engagement organization of Ohio that is led by a very dynamic and diverse board of Directors.


Our current board is comprised of four women and four men representing 5 different ethnic groups. We have both Muslim and non-Muslim board members. We also have a large representation of under-25-years-old young people on our board.


We are proud to present our Board of Directors to you.


Zerqa Abid

Founder & President/Executive Director

As a Founder, President, and Executive Director of MY Project USA, Zerqa Abid manages the organization’s assets, optimizes financial operations, provides leadership to of the staff members, establishes business goals, advises the Board of Directors about organizational activities, monitors and improves the departments and programs ensuring success on daily basis. 

She received the Everyday Hero 2019 Award from the Dispatch Media Group. Columbus Alive has listed her on their 2018 People to Watch list. She also serves as a commissioner on the Greater Hilltop Area Commissioner. She currently chairs the Public Safety Committee of Hilltop Area Commission.

Abid is also a founding member and the President of Muslims for Ohio PAC, a political organization of Muslims in Ohio. She has served on the Hilliard Education Advisory Council. She served as the PTO President of the Hilliard Weaver Middle School.  She is a member of the Hilliard Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association as well. In the past, she has worked at NBC News. She was the first General Manager of The City Channel of the ARY Digital Network of Pakistan. Through her overseas company, she also organized international trade and consumer shows. 

Abid is a Pakistani-American. She is a Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude graduate of North Carolina State University. She received the “Norma & Wally Ausley Merit Scholarship” for being “The Outstanding Student of Mass Communications” in 2000. She is also a member of the Golden Key International Society. 

She can be reached at

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Ramy El-Assal

Secretary & Director MY Family Pantry

Ramy El-Assal is an honors student studying molecular genetics and global public health at the Ohio State University.


He serves as the Secretary of the Board of Directors. He is also the Director of the MY Family Pantry since February 2021, which aims to fight food insecurity in the Hilltop area. He constantly is spearheading innovative solutions to various problems as they arise in the fast-paced environment of MY Family Pantry as he aspires to improve the pantry each week to be better than the last.

He can be reached at


Uzair Qidawai

Director, Administration & MY Deah's Warehouse

Qidwai is currently pursuing an Electrical & Computer Engineering degree at OSU. He was born and raised in Kuwait and moved to Ohio in the summer of 2019 with his family. He has been involved with non-profit work ever since he was a child. In Columbus, he has been serving, in various volunteer roles, the community at the Noor Islamic Cultural Center since his arrival.


At MY Project USA, he has voluntarily assumed the responsibility of managing MY Deah's Warehouse. This warehouse serves the community by providing them with clothing, household items, medical equipment, and anything in between that they might need at any time of the year. He has built a team that will sort, manage, sell, and distribute items throughout the year.

He received MY Deah's Excellence in Leadership & Community Services in 2021.


He can be reached at


Sheryl Munson

Director, Social Justice & Civic Engagement 

Judge Munson is spearheading the Department of Social Justice and Advocacy in MY Project USA. She, along with others within the legal community, will be mentoring and training immigrant and refugee youths and adults to become social justice warriors and advocates for their community and the country. She is taking the lead in implementing and realizing the vision of MY Project USA in terms of having in-depth experience and knowledge of the local and national justice system, implementing complex changes and innovative strategies, working closely with government leaders, community organizations, leaders, and partner organizations. She is the leading voice in combating social injustice and inequality.

Judge Munson was born and raised in Marion, Ohio. She attended The Ohio State University for her undergraduate work and received her Juris Doctor Degree from The Ohio State University, Moritz College of Law in 1994. She was admitted to the practice of law in Ohio in 1994.

She spent twenty-six years representing the indigent and underserved members of our community at the Franklin County Public Defender Office. In November of 2020, she was elected to the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, General Division where she now proudly serves all of the residents of Franklin County, doing her best to ensure fair, equal, and compassionate treatment of all.

She can be reached at


Russell Harris

Treasurer & Director, Hilltop Tigers

Russell Harris has played a major role in developing the Hilltop Tigers Soccer Club as MY Project USA’s Board Chairman and later as the Treasure of the Board of Directors.

He was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer in the mid 2019 and went through a very invasive treatment.

Regardless of his critical health situation, he continued serving the organization and mentoring the coaches and other board members. Hilltop Tigers program and the Hilltop Youth Empowerment Center was not possible without his leadership on our board.

In the past, Harris has been involved in advocating for public education for over thirty years. He was a Ford Foundation Fellow in Economics at Syracuse University. Having served as the Director of Economic Education for Ashland University. He also taught economics at Franklin University in central Ohio.

Harris served as Soccer Commissioner of the Grove City Kids Association for two years. He still serves on the Soccer Board for MY Project USA.

He can be reached at


Binish Hussain 

Director, Life & Health Coaching

Coach Hussain has been involved in MY Project USA since the beginning. Through her services, she has successfully changed the trajectory of various youth and mothers who need to improve their careers, relationships, and lives. She helps them recognize their skills and dreams, focusing on their life's goals, moving past the challenges that stand in the way of those goals. She also facilitates our youth find the motivation and tools to get to their physical and emotional health goals. She has established a department to serve more youth and mothers that are afflicted by various challenges in their lives and need help.

Coach Hussain is a Certified Transformation Coach, Founder of Uplivity Transformation Coaching, Founder of Afala Ta'qilun? - Quran Academy and Special Education Paraprofessional at Columbus City Schools. She Certified in Hypnotherapy from Udemy, Certified in ‘Life & Health Coach’ from Health Coach Institute.

Coach Hussain is a Pakistani-American. She believes women are the backbone of any society, so she is deeply passionate about empowering the women by helping them take charge of their lives and be emotionally and mentally strong, healthy, and independent. She provides guidance to develop much needed skills like emotional intelligence, perseverance, self-dependency and contribution. Her unique non-traditional and compassionate coaching style is inspired by her personal journey, education and years of training and experience in the field.

Her clients change their lives and go on to become an aspiration and inspiration to others and eventually becoming proactive members of society.


She can be reached at


Zeenath Sheikh

Director, Professional Development

Sheikh is leading the Department of Professional Development of the organization. She makes sure that our clients, staff, and board members excel in their relative jobs and professional capacities to be their very best. ​

Sheikh is an Indian-American. She is an Ohio University Graduate, Senior Information Technology Management Professional, Strategist, Team builder, Seasoned Leader, and Visionary, with a passion to give back to the Community. ​

She has held positions in Volunteer Leadership that include - Cultural Secretary with International Students Union (ISU) at Ohio University.


She has been the President of Muslim Employee Resource Group (Fannie Mae, DC); President of Asian Business Resource Group (Huntington Bank, OH), Events Manager with United For Change (Non-Profit, NY), and President of North American Indian Muslim Association (Non-Profit, OH).  ​


She can be reached at


Raifa Alhag-Ali

Director, MY Reading Warriors & Tutoring Program

Alhag-Ali is a self-driven Pharmaceutical Sciences Honors student at the Ohio State University. She is deeply passionate about community service.


She has been volunteering for MY Project USA for four years and has been Directing the MY Reading Warriors program for a year now. She has always felt the importance of prioritizing those in need. She is deeply grateful for the opportunity to give back to society through this organization. 


In her free time, she plays volleyball, basketball, and badminton and she absolutely loves to bake! 

She received MY Deah's Excellence in Leadership & Community Services in 2020.

She can be reached at


Kevin Lewis

Member, Board of Directors

Kevin Lewis is a current student studying psychology at The Ohio State University. Since first attending MY Family Pantry as a volunteer in October of 2020, he has served as Media Chair at MY Family Pantry, Founder and Director of MY School Help, as well as a member of both our Administration Team and Board of Directors.

Lewis focuses on solutions to streamline operations and improve administrative efficiency across MY Project USA.

Lewis is a Chinese-American and the first Muslim in his family. He credits MY Project USA with helping him find spirituality in Islam and countless opportunities to help his community.

He received MY Deah's Excellence in Leadership & Community Services in 2021.

He can be reached at