MY Project USA is a non-profit organization. It is the first and the only national initiative that is addressing the issues like human trafficking and drugs in the Muslim communities, especially in the immigrant and refugee communities from various Muslim countries. This is a huge task, but we believe that with Allah's help and with your support and presence, we will achieve our goals. 


Please consider joining us or at the least send us your prayers, feedback and donations


MY Project USA envisions strong American youth building a stronger, just and more inclusive America through their leadership and public services, while keeping themselves and their peers safe from social vices like gangs, drugs, sex-trafficking, bullying, drinking, violence, extremism, etc.


MY Project USA aims to protect and empower American youth. It is committed to address the issues including drugs, gangs, sex-trafficking, bullying, drinking, violence, radicalization and others that are faced by our youth in the contemporary American society. It also aims to empower the youth by creating opportunities for them to become productive citizens and strong community leaders of the United States of America. 

Focus Areas

Youth Protection


  • Human Trafficking,

  • Extremist violence,

  • Drugs & Gangs,

  • Substance Abuse,

  • Suicides,

  • Bullying,

  • Female Genital Mutilation,  

  • Forced Marriages, etc.


Youth Empowerment

  • Successful entrepreneurs 

  • Committed public servants

  • Strong community leaders

  • Protectors of other youth


Parent Empowerment

  • Cultural Competency Training

  • Positive parenting

  • Foster and Adoptive Parents Training

Strategic Goals

1. Protecting & helping our youth becomes a community priority.


2. At-risk and young victims are protected and supported before it is too late.


3. Our youth are empowered and skilled:

  • to protect themselves and their peers,

  • to tell their stories,

  • to uphold their civil rights and moral values,

  • to launch their own initiatives,

  • to start their own businesses.


4. Youth-driven Community Service projects become norm within our communities


5. Parents become more skilled and prepared to deal with the parenting challenges in USA.


6. The number of registered foster Parents increases throughout the states.


7. Faith-based organizations address youth’s needs for social services and hire professional youth counselors and mentors as mandatory staff members.


8. Faith-based organization offer routine workshops about drugs, drinking, trafficking and similar issues.


9. Community leaders become well-informed and trained to speak about the issues that our youth are facing on daily basis. 

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