Our Team

MY Project USA is a joint project of youth, parents, and community members who are committed to working together to protect, nurture and empower our youth, our communities, and our country, the United States of America.


Our team is diverse in age, gender, ethnicity, cultural and professional backgrounds. This diversity makes us strong and unique.


We pray for Allah's help and guidance in delivering our very best to this project. 

Board of Directors

Zerqa Abid - Founder & President

Zubaidah Ghani - Treasurer, Director Parent Empowerment
Jonathan Galasso - Member

Raifa Alhag-Ali - Director, Reading Warrior

Binish Hussain - Director, Life & Health Coaching

Zeenath Sheikh - Director, Professional Development

Judge Sheryl Munson - Director, Social Justice & Civic Engagement

Dr. Kimberly Porter - Director Racial Justice & Equity

Ramy El-Assal - Director, MY Family Pantry

Uzair Qidwai - Director, MY Deah's Warehouse

Full Profiles Here

Board of Trustees

Zerqa Abid, President

Mufakhar al Islam, Trustee

Dr. Taslima Rashid, Trustee

Full Profiles Here

Board of Advisors

Abdul Malik Ahmad, Native Deen, VA

Dr. Anessah Nadir, Islamic Social Services Association, ISSA-USA

Bibi Khan, Al-Nisa Hope Center, TX

Dr. Hind Jarah,Texas Muslim Women Foundation, TX

Itedal Shalabi, Arab American Family   Services, IL

Riyad Shamma, Institute of Youth Development & Excellence, OH

Robina Niaz, Turning Point for Women & Families, NY

Saad Haq, Being There, NC

Shah Faisal Sayed, Muslim American Social Services, FL

Full Profiles Here


Finance & Development:     

Zerqa Abid

Zubaida Ghani

Binish Hussain

Zeenath Sheikh

Austin Casey

Uzair Qidwai

Abdirizak Idow

Aden Muhamed

MY Family Pantry:                

Ramy El-Assal

Jon Galasso

Austin Casey

Aisha Ayub

Kevin Lewis

Adeela Asif

Najmo Abdinur

Youth Development:

        MY Reading Warriors:

Raifa Alhag-Ali 

Maddy Lucas 
Surekha Garapati 
Ameer Hassouna 
Deena Eldaour 
Nadine Abdel-Rahman 
Anita Adib 
Mohamad Quteifan 
Yassmin Ben Haila 
Hafsa Asif 
Adeela Asif 
Aleeza Yakoob 
Inaya Hussain 
Mays Rababah 
Safa Mohamad 
Rabbia Zafar


        Hilltop Tigers Soccer Club:

Aden Mohamed   

Siyat Mohamed

Mohamed Idow

Adam Quintanilla


 Under MY Wing:  

                           Dorothy Hassan 

Community Development:   

Zerqa Abid

Abdirazak Idow

Aden Muhamed

Suleiman Issak 

Professional Development:  

Zeenath Sheikh

Zerqa Abid

Dorothy Hassan


MY Pathways:               

Zaib-un-Nisa Syed

Dorothy Hassan


MY Tailored Image:    

Bakar Berete

Saad Ijaz

Haanya Ijaz


Parent Empowerment:       

Zubaida Ghani

Dorothy Hasan

Zerqa Abid


Life & Health Coaching:  Binish Hussain


Social Justice & Advocacy:

Judge Sheryl Munson

Zerqa Abid


Community Garden:              

Fahad Butt  

Aisha Ayub


Ahmed Hussain

Muslims Against FGM:          

Zerqa Abid

Judge Sheryl Munson

Muslims Against Human Trafficking:

Zerqa Abid                                                                 

Yolanda Frierson


You Can Make a Difference Too


MY Project USA is your project. Regardless of your age, gender, and location, you can play some role in making it a success. Please click below to find out various ways in which you can help our team grow and be strong. Together we will raise strong, Muslim leaders of tomorrow, Insha'Allah.