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About Our Youth Board of Directors

If you are a young Muslim American with a track record of community service, civic engagement, and leadership within your local community, then this board is for you. It's about time for you to share your gifts with your national community and help us make America stronger than ever before.


The Youth Board of Directors of MY Project USA is a subcommittee under the Board of Directors. Up to seven positions are opened in this board at this point. Muslim youth leaders from all over the country are highly encouraged to apply for these positions. 

Why Join This Board

Here are your top four of many reasons: 

  • to make your voice heard across the nation

  • to take your ideas to the national level and then implement it

  • to get a chance to work with national and local rganizations and leaders from across the country

  • to come at the forefront of a movement that is ging to shape the future of Islam, Muslims and America.

  • to get a chance to work in a professional enviroment that would look good on undergraduate and graduate applications


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Help in Youth Program Development & Execution

  • Help Conduct Research on Youth Issues

  • Help Recruit Youth Mentors 

  • Recruiting more Youth BOD

  • Supervise Youth-led Community Projects & Initiatives

  • Help in creating social media and print aware campaigns on various topics


Criteria to Join

Following is the criteria set for a board member:

  • Age: 17-25, Exclusion may apply for younger individuals with track record of leadership and community services for at least 3 years.

  • is passionate about Muslim Youth Protection and Development.

  • is a reliable individual with sound reputation as a young community leader and a team player.

  • has expertise in the areas that come under YBOD’s responsibility

  • is willing to give at least 15 hrs a month to the organization


If you fit this crieria, then this is your chance to join our board.            

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