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Protect. Educate. Empower Our Youth.

MY project USA is a national initiative to protect and empower our youth and families. We are headquartered in the Hilltop area of Columbus, OH. We uplift underprivileged, crime-ridden neighborhoods. We strengthen abused, neglected, and underserved communities and get the very best out of them through social services and civic engagement. We are the largest Muslim Social Services Organization in Ohio.


At MY Project USA, all of us - young and old, boys and girls, parents and children - work together to protect, nurture, and empower our youth, our communities, and our country: The United States of America.


We teach and we learn. We stop violence and spread peace. We launch new initiatives to give back to our people and our country. We tell our stories and help others to tell theirs. We raise strong Muslim youth who help build a stronger America.


Our project is the USA, and we do our best to make it a peaceful place with life, liberty, and justice for all. Our Community is our Priority. What's Yours?


Get Involved and Help Us Protect & Empower Our Youth.


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