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MY Helpline is an initiative of MY Project USA. We provide a mix of direct referral services to clients in the areas of Housing, Health Benefits, and Legal Services. 

MY Helpline seeks to improve the quality of life of its clients by providing logistical support that allows families to overcome crucial, and often daunting, obstacles. Each case is analyzed by an esteemed team member on a case-by-case basis to create an action plan best suited specifically for the client. 


Each of the three main facets of the program includes a comprehensive and in-depth collaboration with programs ranging from the local to the city level.

Under the Legal domain, clients enjoy access to a team of wonderful attorneys from the Legal Aid Society who work tirelessly to support and provide legal counsel to underserved and underrepresented members within the Columbus community.


Client confidentiality is held at the utmost priority, followed by a diligent review of a client’s legal needs in order to navigate the complexities of the law.

Direct & Referral Services for Muslim Youth & Parents in Need

MY Helpline Services

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