Wedgewood Spring Celebrations

Old North Dayton Multicultural Spring Fling

Dayton Muslim Youth Summit - Discover Yourself: Create Your Footprints

Interfaith Vigil For New Zealand Victims and Rally Against Hate

MY Project USA Annual Dinner & Awards 2019

Free ESL Classes in Dayton

Dayton Muslims MLK Event: I AM A Keeper

Columbus Interfaith Ramadan Iftar

Columbus Fasting 5k 2018 To Support Wedgewood Youth & Families

MY Eid Toys Drive 2018

Dayton Benefit Dinner With Mayor Nan Whaley

A Benefit Dinner To Protect & Empower Columbus Youth & Parents

Wedgewood Spruce Up Day 2

Wedgewood Spruce Up Day 1

Wedgewood Youth Programs

MY Family Pantry's First Anniversary Celebration

Dayton Muslim Domestic Violence Advocates Training

MY Family Pantry Day 45

Wedgewood Readers Warriors

MY Family Pantry Day 44

MY Family Pantry Day 43

MY Family Pantry Days 41 & 42

MY Family Pantry Days 36,37,38,39, & 40

Columbus Muslim Youth Retreat 2017

MY Family Pantry Day 35

MY Family Pantry Day 34

MY Family Pantry Day 33

MY Family Pantry Day 32

Wedgewood Middle School Registration Day

School Supplies Openhouse

My Family Pantry Day 29,30,31

Eid Open House 2017

MY Project USA'S Booth At The ISNA Convention 2017

My Family Pantry Days 27 & 28

Wedgewood Parents' Dinner

Iftaar Kitchen 2017 Week 4

Iftaar Kitchen 2017 Week 3

Iftaar Kitchen 2017 Week 2

MY Family Pantry Days 25 & 26

Iftaar Dinner 17 to Support Orphans, Refugees & Needy in Columbus

Iftaar Kitchen 2017 Week 2 Day 1

MY Iftaar Kitchen 2017 Day 6, 7 & 8

MY Family Pantry Day #24

MY Iftaar Kitchen 2017 Day 3,4,5

MY Iftaar Kitchen 2017 Day 2

MY Iftaar Kitchen 2017 Day 1

Eakin Elementary End of Year Celebrations

MY Family Pantry Day #23

MY Family Pantry Day #22

MY Family Pantry Day 20

MY Family Pantry Day 19

Bake Sale at MY Family Pantry

Workshop: Speak to Others About Human Trafficking

Columbus Dads Meeting for Wedgewood Kids

Columbus Moms Meeting for Wedgewood Kids

Eid Al Adha Mubarak

Feed the Needy on the Day of Arafat

MY Deah's Warehouse - Sorting Week Kick Off

2017 Eid Open House For Refugees Families

Interfaith Vigil for Victims of Islamophobia

MY Eid Toys Drive 2017 - A Happy Eid for Every Kid

Iftaar Dinner to Support Orphans, Refugees & Needy in Columbus

MY Project USA Volunteers Open House - Fall Season

MY Iftaar Kitchen 2017: Feeding Homeless & Needy in Ramadan

Clothes Swap for Eid Toys

Hilltop Spruce Up & Celebrations


2nd Annual Youth Conference: UPLIFTING OUR NEIGHBORHOODS - Organizing Our Communities

The Columbus Expanded Sanctuary Meeting

Columbus Rally for Expanded Sanctuary

MY Hilltop Project Day 5

2nd Columbus Unity Meeting - Immigrants in Trumpland

MY Project USA Annual Dinner 2017

Youth Conference Planning Committee Meeting

The Columbus Unity Meeting: Immigrants in Trumpland

MY Family Pantry Day 8

MY Hilltop Project Day 4


Emergency Rally in Columbus, OH

MY Family Pantry Day 7

MY Wedgewood Project Day 3

Volunteer Appreciation Night

MY Wedgewood Project Day 2

MY Family Pantry Day 6

MY Family Pantry Day 5

MY Family Pantry Day 4

MY Wedgewood Project Day 1

MLK March

Thanks is Giving - MY Family Pantry Kickoff

Feed the Needy on the Day of Arafat 2016

Roundtable at ISNA: Drugs, Gangs, and Human Trafficking

Eid al-Adha Food Basket Drive 2016

MY Eid Toys Drive 2016

MY Iftaar Kitchen 2016: Feeding the Homeless and the Needy during Ramadan

MY Family Pantry Day 3 At My Deah's

Sharing Eid Blessings at MY Deah's

MY Family Pantry

"Thanks is Giving" Kick-off Event



MY Project USA @ The Independent's Day Festival

Feeding the Needy on the Day of Arafat 2016

Drugs, Gangs, Human Trafficking & Muslim Youth - ISNA Roundtable

My Eid Drive 2016

MY Iftaar Kitchen 2016: Feeding Homeless & Needy in Ramadan - A Youth Initiative

MY Earth Action Day 6

Interfaith Celebration of Mothers

MY Earth Action Day 5

MY Project USA: '16 -'17 Planning Meeting

From Dr. King To Our Three Winners To Our Future


#MYProjectisUSA 2016 - MY First Community Leadership Conference

MY Deah's Reorganizing Day

MY Deah's Goodwill Store - Volunteers Needed

MY Deah's Goodwill Store Reorganization

MY Earth Action Day 4

MY Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive

MY Earth Action Day 3

MY Winter Clothes Drive


MY Eid Goodwill Bazaar

MY Project USA @ ISNA Convention 2015

The Art of Empowering Muslim Teens

MY Leaders Youth Camp (Age 13 - 17)

MY Eid Toys Drive 2015

Iftaar Fundraiser: "Furthering Their Legacies" with Farris Barakat

MY Iftaar Kitchen 2015

Ramadan/Eid Food Basket Drive

Homosexuality and Muslim Americans

Columbus Earth Action Day Two

MY Social Media Contest

The First Muslim American Youth Summit

Earth Action Days: Neighborhood Spruce Up and Celebrations

The First Muslim American Parents Summit

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