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 #BetterTogether Resources Coalition


We are able to receive, store and distribute large and small donations of selected types of PPE supplies from community members, large and small businesses, government agencies and and nonprofit organizations. If you have any of the  above listed  items to offer, please complete our PPE DONOR FORM now. 

The #BetterTogether Resources Coalition is an initiative of MY Project USA.  We are inviting all community organizations, businesses, and leaders to join hands with us as we take care of the PPE needs of our most vulnerable community members in the Central Ohio area.


We are offering our warehouse space and staff to help with the operations of this coalition. The coalition partners' names & logos will be listed on this page and other relevant pages and social media posts. 


Together, we will be standing by our community by distributing limited amounts of essential supplies to other local nonprofit and community groups of under-served families that cannot afford to have enough PPE supplies to stay safe and healthy during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

  • Cloth Face Masks (children & adults)

  • Hand Sanitizers

  • Antibacterial Soap

  • Face Shields/Goggles

  • Sanitizing Wipes


We are able to provide individuals, small and under-funded nonprofit organizations and community groups with selected types of PPE supplies as listed above and garbage bags. If you need any of the above-listed items for the families that you serve, please complete our PPE REQUEST FORM now. 

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