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MY Parents Network

To Support, Educate & Empower Muslim Parents

MY Parents Network is for all Muslim parents, grandparents, foster parents, guardians, uncles and aunts who want to protect and empower our youth - who want to make sure that their presence brings poritiveness, hope and productivity in the lives of children around them. 


If you think, you are among those people, then please join us by filling a short membership form. This will help us catering to your needs, inshaAllah.  


Parental Education

We provide parental education and training on following topics. Each class/workshop is conducted by an expert in the field. We collaborate with several agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals to bring the best educators to each class. There will be some fee for some of these workshops. 


  • Internet Safety 101

  • Drug Street Smart

  • Abuse vs. Discipline

  • Positive Parenting

  • Sex-Trafficking & Our Children

  • Depression & Suicide in Teens

  • How to Prevent Drinking

  • Gangs & Bullying

  • Foster Parenting

  • Youth Mentoring

  • Sex Talk with Your Children

  • Sex & Gender In America

  • Public Schools & You

  • Private Islamic Schools & You

  • Protecting our Child from Sex Abuse

  • Addressing Extremist Ideology


Parent Resources

There are many excellent resources out there for Muslim parents. Here are just a few of them. Over the time, with your help, we hope to build this list longer. You may always recommend some resources to be added in this list. 

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