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This page is for YOU, MY (Muslim Youth) Leader!


We offer different leadership programs for you. Each program is consists of 4-8 weeks of training workshops and supervision. We work with several organizations, agencies and individuals to make sure that we train our you after the most up-to-date, best practices. The participants in each program receive a certificate at the completion of the program. They also become a member of our national MY Leaders Network to explore the possibilities of future.


Build Your Community

In this program, youth launch a community service initiative/organization of their own to address any social justice issue within their local communities. While launching the initiative, they learn various aspects of leadership including the Islamic etiquettes, accountability and moral responsibilities of a leader along with the fiduciary duties of a board member of a non-profit organizations. They also learn and take various steps of researching, planning, launching and marketing a new community development initiative. MY Leaders First Summer Camp is in August, 2015. Click below to learn more about this camp.       

Tell Your Story

It’s time for American Muslims to write their own narratives and tell their own stories. In this program, youth learn about the Islamic etiquettes and the effective ways of storytelling. They use the digital and social media for the mass distributions. To earn the certificate, they are required to tell their stories with the help of digital and social media.  

Advocate Peace

In this program, youth learn about various forms of violence within a community. They study organizations that advocate peace. They design their own campaigns to address one or more types of violence. They launch and then maintain their campaign for a designated period of time. 

Serve Your People

This program is all about public service. Youth learn about their local politics and issues. They pick a race that they would like to run when eligible. They watch and meet with other politicians, attend local public meetings and then they prepare their campaigns. They also learn various aspects of leadership including the Islamic etiquettes, accountability and moral responsibilities of a public servants.  

Grow Your Business

In this program, youth learn to start and maintain a business by actually starting a business. The program walk them through the whole process from conceiving an idea to launching, marketing, and selling a product. They get chance to spend time and work with small business owners. 

Do Something Else

Tell us, if nothing above makes sense to you and you want to do something else. May be, with your help we will put together another program that would cover your area of interest. Contact Us now.  

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