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MY Project USA has adopted Sullivant Avenue (between Georgesville Rd & Wilson Rd.) from the City of Columbus, OH, for two years. We are committed to take care of this area throughout the year. After two clean ups, the city will post our signs on the road. How cool is that!!! 

We ask the entire community to join hands with us. It's our chance to show our neighbors that this IS our home and we care about it. 

Please join us on Saturday, October 10th, 2015. Gathering location will be announced soon. 


1. Registration is Required.


Pre-Registration is encouraged: Click here to register now. 


2. Waiver Form for the First-Time Particpants: 


All first-time participants must sign a Waiver Form before participating in any event or activities organized by MY Project USA, Inc. Please click here to download the form. Print and sign it. You can bring it with you or you can email it to


3. Parents Consent form to Assign Chaperone: 


MY Project USA Inc. requires parents/legal guardians of children under 15 to assign a chaperone for EACH child participating in certain activities. This assignment form must be submitted at the time of on-site registration. The youth under 15 will not be allowed to participate if they will come without an assigned chaperone. We do not accept consents on phone. We do except however the consent via email if it was submitted 8 hours prior to the activity. Please email it to 


Earth Action Days are one of those activities. Participating Families are required to find a chaperone for children 10-14, if the parents or legal guardians are not attending this event.


Please click here to download the Chaperone Assignment Form. Print and sign it and send it, alog with the Waiver Form, with your chaperone.


We will not allow any 10-14 year old  youth to participate in the absence of a parent or an assigned chaperone.


Children under 10 are not allowed to participate without a parent/legal guardian.


4. Dress Code: 


ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST WEAR MY PROJECT USA T-SHIRTS. If you haven't received one yet, please let us know in advance. 


Dress for weather. Closed toe shoes only. 


5.Items to Bring: 


Refillable water bottles, and some a packed lunch, if you can.





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