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This year MY Project USA is organizing various programs to address both short-term and long-term needs of Muslim youth and families that are challenged   financially in our local community. There  are 10 different ways for you to help us through your Zakat, Sadaqa or other donations. All donations are Tax Exempted.


1. Feed the homeless and needy  - $ 10 /meal

2. Send Eid Gifts, Clothes, Shoes - $15-25/ Item

3. Sponsor Ramadan Food Basket - $50/Basket

4. Help the Survivors of Sex-Trafficking, Gangs, etc.

5. Shelter a homeless/abused sister

6. Pay for a Youth/Family Therapy

7. Sponsor a Mentor to provide free Mentor Services to Eligible Youth

8. Educate a Parent— Pay for ESL & Parenting Workshops

9. Adopt a Youth Leader—Pay for Leadership Camps  & Other Activities

10.  Support General Relief Fund to address these and other needs.

This Ramadan: Share Your Blessings

MY Project USA Ramadan Food Basket
MY Project USA - MY Iftaar Kitchen

Volunteer/Donate to Support Food/Toys Drive & Other Initiatives


Ramadan Starter Food Basket For Eligible Families

MY Team Leaders:  Khadijah Ibrahim, Oumou Fofana, Kiin Aweis

May 21st - July 17th, 2015


In the first week of Ramadan, MY Leaders are aiming to deliver these baskets to eligible families.  You may contribute money or bring us non-perishable, packed food items. The estimated cost of a basket is $50. You may contribute any amount.


· Flour  5 –10 lbs/pack

· Basmati Rice 5 -10 lbs/bag

· Sugar 5 lbs/bag

· Vegetable Oil  2 –5 liter/can

· Dates  2 lbs/package        

· Canned Vegetables/Fruits

· Tang / Vimto/Powdered Drinks

· Custard Powder/Halal Jello


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Daily Iftaar Meal for Homeless and Needy Individuals - $10/meal


Throughout the Ramadan, MY Leaders are planning to distribute Iftaar boxes to homeless and needy individuals in selected  Columbus neighborhoods. You may provide cooked food or can give us donation to buy food. We also need volunteers to help us.


For Daily Updates: Join Us on Facebook


MY Team Leaders:  Bintou Fofana, Fadumo Abdullahi, Fardowsa Mohamed


Ramadan Iftaar Kitchen

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